Equipment Testing

In addition to layflat hose testing, for a no. of years now FHT have offered an equipment testing service to their customers. This is usually carried out as an annual test and typically involves hydrostatic testing of:

• Standpipes
• Collecting Heads
• Dividing Breechings
• Controlled Dividing Breechings
• Ground Monitors
• Suction Hoses
• High Pressure Hose Reel Hoses

Light-alloy items will be tested to a maximum of 22.5 bar although many brigades specify 16 bar. The high pressure hose assemblies are tested to 60 bar.

As with all testing of this type, the results are only meaningful if the records can be traced back to specific pieces of equipment and so each individual items need a unique tracking no. to be assigned to and recorded on the equipment. There are several methods for doing this as shown in the asset tracking page of the website. The most common method with hardware is for the unique identifier to be permanently engraved on to the equipment as per the example illustrated in the photograph. The numbering system can obviously be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

This is a service that Fire Hosetech provide which offers traceability and peace of mind in the knowledge that everything possible is being done ensure the safety of your staff.