W2560 Series Blue Devil Attack Nozzles

W25600 series
Nozzles: Constant Flow. Lightweight.
Improved Performance. Rugged
Constant Flows:
Variable from 115 l.p.m. to 950 l.p.m. across the range.
All major components in hard
anodized aluminium.
Improved Performance:
The “Rylstatic” system is an
alternative to fixed or spinning teeth that delivers reduced friction loss, improved throw and reduced maintenance. Most importantly, the increased efficiency of the RYLSTATIC system results in smaller droplet size with increased cooling effect whilst maintaining the effective reach in the FOG position.
Rugged Construction:
Heavy-duty design manufactured
using hard anodized aluminium, tough rubber bumper and pistol grip with stainless steel internal springs and clips and incorporating the new RYLSTATIC system eliminating
vulnerable spinning teeth.

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FHT Blue Devil - General application/pdf 563 KB
FHT Blue Devil - Performance 6 Bar application/pdf 399 KB
FHT Blue Devil - Performance 7 Bar application/pdf 398 KB

Additional information

Maximum w.p.

16 bar

Leak test pressure

25.5 bar