Fire Hosetech Stenor Merlin Training

There are a no. of essential elements in the success of a layflat repair carried out using the FHT Stenor Merlin System. These comprise hose preparation, patch shelf life and process control including correct pressure, time and temperature. All these elements are straightforward and easy to manage following the correct training.

Fire Hosetech offer on-site training at the customer’s premises in the correct use and application of vulcanised repair patches. The courses are of approx. 4 hours duration for up to 4 people and cover all the essential elements of successful layflat hose repair. The cost of the course includes consumable repair materials.

The course finishes with a brief written exam and a question and answer session for any areas that the attendee may be uncertain of. Each trainee receives a certificate of attendance.

It is recommended that anyone engaged in the use of the FHT Stenor Merlin system for hose repair undergoes training supplied by Fire Hosetech. It is also important that they use their skills regularly or consider refresher training every 2 years.