Stenor Merlin Vulcaniser

The Stenor Merlin Vulcaniser has been specially developed for the repair of layflat, rubber fire hose.

The factors vital for a successful repair are hose preparation, patch shelf life and process control including correct pressure, time and temperature. The Stenor Merlin features variable pressure settings, adjustable platen temperature and repeatability, once the machine has been set for a given type of hose it will maintain those settings until adjusted by the operator:

Temperature Controller with digital display of platen temperature and easy adjustment of the set point. Accurate control (±1oC) is achieved by a K-type thermocouple sensor on the platen close to the repair. The sensor is failsafe (i.e. no heating) and an error message is given in the event of sensor failure.

Timer with a digital display controls both heating and cool-down time and sounds an alarm when the total cycle is complete. The timer turns off the power supply to the heating unit, so the vulcaniser can be safely left unattended.

Pressure adjustment is easily achieved by a few turns of two nuts and a locknut.

Manual/Automatic operation can be selected by the operator.

The heating unit platen utilises a semiconductor PTC element. These responsive elements reduce their power output as their temperature increases, giving the following benefits:

Short preheat time
Long element life
Minimum temperature "overshoot"